Monitoring and Maintenance of Multiple Remote Desktops in Real Time

MightyViewer is a handy lightweight Windows-compatible tool that provides simultaneous access to multiple remote desktops in your local area network (LAN). It enables monitoring and assessing a variety of devices, be it PC with popular operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux), industrial controller or ATM.

Why users choose MightyViewer


You install and use it instantly with any VNC Server software (we recommend TightVNC).

High performance

You can access many remote devices at a time, even those with weighty software.

Direct connection

You never worry about data or money transferred passing to the 3rd party.

Download fully-functional MightyViewer!

The evaluation period for the trial version is 30 days.

MightyViewer helps solving problems with

Monitoring & Access

Monitor the correctness of processes on a variety of devices.

Increase productivity, reduce errors and downtime.

Facilitate work of LAN Administrator.

Maintenance & Servicing

Deliver maintenance to your customers and employees.

Simplify things for those who need help or have special needs.

Boost happiness and loyalty.

Training & Examining

See how the students’ work is progressing.

Participate in processes requiring your intervention.

Make testing and examination efficient.

Try fully-functional MightyViewer – and improve your customers, employees or students’ experience! 

Make sure you have their permission and legal rights for this.

MightyViever comes from GlavSoft Company with 20+ years experience in remote access solutions production. 

The company is known for creating TightVNC, a free open-source program for sharing remote desktop.TightVNC is free and available under the GNU General Public License, it’s widely adopted and popular with billions of happy users worldwide.

Though MightyViewer makes friends with any VNC Server (Host), we recommend using it with TightVNC Server, for it’s the best compatible match from the same producer. You can download TightVNC Server from its official site or by clicking the Download button below.

Download fully-functional MightyViewer and TightVNC Server install packs.

MightyViewer is developed based on Remote Core SDK by GlavSoft. Our SDK is a convenient framework for creating your own software with VNC viewer functionality (and not only). Remote Core SDK is available for licensing on various terms and prices. Check it out by yourself or write to us at