Remote Monitoring & Support

MightyViewer is real-time remote monitoring software for Windows. It is a handy lightweight tool that lets you connect simultaneously and monitor multiple remote desktops in a convenient way.

Use cases:

  • Real-time staff monitoring. MightyViewer provides the way to see how your employees or freelancers are doing their work (make sure you have their permission and legal rights to do so).
  • Classroom work. This might be helpful both for teachers practicing distance education and for monitoring students’ screens in a local classroom.
  • Monitoring industrial devices. Since MightyViewer supports the RFB protocol, it is fully VNC-compatible and, therefore, it can monitor a wide range of devices that can be reached through VNC.

Download fully-functional MightyViewer for free and use it for 30-day evaluation. Pressing the Try button will not start the download yet, you will see more information and options on the download page.

Why prefer MightyViewer?

Ease of Use

MightyViewer is a lightweight application with an intuitive modern user interface.


A wide range of devices and platforms can be observed with this tool. From contemporary PCs and servers working on popular operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux) to industrial controllers and ATMs. It can work with any remote host software which implements VNC.

Reliable Support

MightyViewer is designed by the creators of the TightVNC Software. The team has been developing remote access solutions for more than 15 years and has obtained comprehensive experience in this field.

Give it a try! There are no obligations on downloading the software. Try all its features for 30 days, then just uninstall the program easily, or purchase a license if you like it!