Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How do I purchase MightyViewer?

We sell MightyViewer worldwide using our secure online store, where you can select various payment methods like a credit/debit card, or PayPal. Our payment partner is PayPro Global, Inc.

Our online store is available here: Buy now.

Is the MightyViewer license a lifetime license or a subscription?

All the currently available licenses (single user, site, unlimited) are lifetime licenses.

Does the Single User license allow me to connect an unlimited number of stations to monitor?

Yes, all the currently available licenses do not restrict the number of stations you may connect to, monitor, and take over.

Is there a way to export/import settings?

Unfortunately, the export data functionality has not been implemented yet. However, there is an efficient workaround to move the data from one device to another.

All the MightyViewer data is stored in the store.db file, which is placed in %appdata%\GlavSoft\MightyViewer (i.e. C:\\Users\{your user}\AppData\Roaming\GlavSoft\MightyViewer) folder.

So you can export the data from one PC to another just by copying this file and placing it in the specified folder on the target PC.

It is recommended that both instances of MightyViewer on the source and target devices are stopped during the exporting procedure.

Please note, this is available only for licensed instances of MightyViewer and will not work with the trial version.

Some of my machines have multiple screens. Is there a way to specify which screen I’d like to see?

Unfortunately, there are no such functions now. As a temporary workaround, you may configure extra ports on the host side (TightVNC Server → Configuration → Extra ports) for mapping specified screen areas so you can monitor and control them separately.