Change Log

Below you can see what was changed in each version of MightyViewer. This document does not list every small improvement, it includes only the most important changes.

Feb 15, 2022 — MightyViewer 1.3.1

New Features:

  • Support for clipboard Copy & Paste operations between the local viewer and a remote host. Clipboard exchange works only for plain text contents and supports Unicode if you run recent TightVNC Server versions (2.8.53+) on the host side.
  • Support for TightVNC-compatible file transfers.


  • A ton of minor improvements and bugfixes.

May 21, 2021 — MightyViewer 1.2.3

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed application crashes on connection loss while taking over a remote station.
  • Fixed an issue with partially overlapped remote screens on the monitoring tab.
  • Fixed an issue with disappearing scrollbars.

Apr 24, 2021 — MightyViewer 1.2.2

New Features:

  • Possibility to open and control a specified remote desktop.
  • Stations grouping. Now you may group the monitored stations (e.g. by departments, classes, etc.).
  • Stations reordering. It is possible to reorder the stations as you like by dragging and dropping them.
  • Possibility to check whether a new version is available. Automatic checking is available as well.
  • Bunch of UI improvements and fixes.


  • Now MightyViewer runs as an x64 process in 64-bit systems.

Dec 1, 2020 — MightyViewer 1.1.1

Initial release.