MightyViewer: Getting Started

About MightyViewer Application

The MightyViewer software is installed on the viewer PC. The application allows you to configure a list of stations for further monitoring and interaction.

To establish connection between the application and a station, the station needs a VNC host (server) software, like TightVNC Server, to be installed.

Monitoring tab

A tab in MightyViewer user interface where you monitor in real time all the stations and groups of stations configured.

Screenshot with Monitoring tab

Stations tab (Stations management menu)

On this tab, you can add and control stations.

The tab opens in 2 ways:

  1. Monitoring tab → left panel → Manage stations.
  2. Main menu → Stations.
Screenshot with Stations tab (Stations management menu)

Main menu

Screenshot with Main menu

Adding a new station

Connection and adjustment of a station in MightyViewer can be done on the Stations tab.

By clicking “New station”, an input window opens:

Screenshot with Adding a new station

In case of correct configuration, by clicking “Test”, a message “Status: Successfully connected” appears.

By clicking “Add”, the station configurations are saved, and you can monitor the station connected in the list of workstations on the monitoring tab.

The configured stations connect automatically when the application is started without additional actions from the user. Stations also reconnect automatically in case of connection failure.

Multimonitoring tab

You can control a station/a group of stations on the left panel or in the Stations management menu.

Possible actions with a station

  • add a new station
  • enable/disable the station on the monitoring tab
  • hide the station on the left panel
  • change the order of stations on the left panel
  • add the existing station to the group of stations (every station can be included only in 1 group at a time)
  • exclude the station from the group
  • edit the station configurations
  • open on a separate tab (single station tab)
  • scale (change size of a station displayed)

Possible actions with a group of stations

  • create a new group
  • enable/disable the group of stations on the monitoring tab
  • hide the group of stations on the left panel
  • display all the stations on the monitoring tab with/without sorting into groups
  • edit the configurations of the group of stations

Single Station tab

If you open a definite station on a separate tab, you can monitor it using more screen space. This also activates control possibilities (File transfer, Full screen, Quality/speed optimization).

Single station control possibilities

  • Clipboard exchange (moving text from a station to the application and backwards with standard “Copy” and “Paste” actions with a mouse or hotkey combination (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V))
  • File transfer (possible with TightVNC Server or any other VNC server with full functionality of Tight file transfer extension)
  • Mouse, keyboard and clipboard enable/disable
  • Quality/speed optimization (Screen settings)
  • Full screen (Screen settings). To exit full-screen mode, move the cursor up to the center of the window border. A bar with buttons will appear, click the target button
Screenshot with Single Station tab

Application settings in the main menu

Automatic updates check

MightyViewer can autocheck the updates availability and timely inform you. The option is active by default. You can disable it.

Also, you can visit the site or apply to the Support team.

For more specific questions, see F.A.Q.

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